The Wild Atlantic Way

An Unforgettable Journey Close to Nature

It’s been long! But as things improve, the journey of a lifetime awaits your arrival.

The 2,500 KM long coastal road of the Wild Atlantic Way will once again cater to the Irish, and the Irish Way of Life.

Get ready to embrace the unparalleled beauty, lasting memories, unforgettable encounters with nature, and charming vibe.

The six regions, namely Northern Headlands, The Surf Coast, The Bay Coast, The Cliff Coast, Southern Peninsulas, and The Haven Coast showcase the perfect blend of sensational scenery and enigmatic character.

The Wild Atlantic Way should be your next destination, as it not only depicts unmatched beauty but promotes sustainable tourism with pride.

For the culturally curious

Out on the very edge of Europe, the Wild Atlantic Way offers the opportunity to delve deeper into the history of a location, and crave unusual experiences and enjoy connecting with nature and wandering off the beaten track.

Plan the adventure of a lifetime on the greatest coastal touring route in the world: The Wild Atlantic Way!

A Once-in-a-lifetime Experience

The Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland includes a journey to explore castle ruins, taking boat rides to ancient islands, staying in a lighthouse's quarters, watching a step dancer spread magic in an Irish pub, and pulling lobster pots for dinner. If you're looking to explore the Irish lifestyle or simply want to have an amazing time on your next holiday, the scintillating 2,500 KM route from Donegal to West Cork will be perfect.

What To Expect On Your Visit?

A sensational journey through bustling cities, buzzing towns, hidden beaches, soaring cliffs, and sensational bays, the Wild Atlantic Way is an amazing journey of exploration, discovery, and enlightenment. Close to nature, it takes you on a drive from end-to-end cliffs, or dipping into the vast seas, for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From the unmatched scenic beauty of Kinsale Harbour to the breezy Malin Head, embark on an unforgettable experience in the wilderness of one of the longest defined coastal travel routes in the world.

Delicious Local Food

The abundant waters, vast expanses of green pastures, and amazing valleys surrounding the route help create natural flavours exclusive to the region. From the creamiest buttery dishes to delicious smoked salmon, the Irish delicacies served in the region's restaurants satiate your appetite like nothing else in the world.

Literature, Culture & Heritage

Ireland's literary heritage seems like romance right out of a Yeats novel. With ancient traditions, abundant stories, several museums, and galleries, you won't be disappointed with Ireland's rich culture and heritage. Take a walk through Dublin, a city that's always been proud of its literary heroes with landmarks in their name cramming the place. From the Little Museum of Dublin to the MAC Belfast, you have plenty of choices to explore.

Nature Walks

With friendly people and beautiful countryside, nature walks are the perfect way to explore Ireland. Forests, mountains, beaches, rivers, and historic towns are all within walking distance of each other. It simply means that you can wake up in the morning, have your breakfast, checkout the weather, and plan an outing spontaneously.

Inland Cruising

Inland cruising vacations have always been popular in Ireland. These relaxing trips take you through beautiful scenery in the best of canals, rivers, and other water bodies. With focus on sustainable tourism, the lack of commercial activity lets you enjoy the trips to the maximum extent, with several opportunities of capturing stunning images.

Irish music and pubs

From traditional Irish beer to music, the region is full of diverse venues, with each offering the best food, vibe, and tunes. Ireland has been creating its own blend of music for centuries. It has always been a treasured part of Irish culture. On your next visit, checkout some amazing venues and have a gala time.

From Malin Head in Co. Donegal to Kinsale in Co. Cork, The Wild Atlantic Way is the longest defined coastal drive in the world.

Touring the Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way takes you on a journey along Ireland's west coast, starting from the Inishowen Peninsula in Donegal Country all the way to Kinsale in County Cork.

While you can plan a single journey from either north to south or south to north, there's so much to cover that most travellers prefer to take their time.

Instead of taking a single trip, you can always revisit the Wild Atlantic Way, and soak in a fresh experience on every trip.

Navigating Through the Wild Atlantic Way

In order to explore the Wild Atlantic Way, you don't really need a map! With more than enough road signs, it's easy to keep on track to find your way.

In the offset chance that you get lost, you'll easily find someone willing to help you find the right direction. Once you're on the Wild Atlantic Way, it's quite difficult to miss the road signs.