Our Family Farm

We not only focus on making your stay amazing, but indulge you with flavourful dishes throughout the experience.

Our produce is sourced locally, and all the meat served in The Wildflower Restaurant is grass-fed with focus on a dry-ageing process. The local ingredients have been our specialty, and we don't plan to lose that personal touch any time soon.

The quality of our locally-sourced ingredients allows us to keep our produce fresh, and provide you with healthy options throughout the stay.

A short visit to our restaurant, and you'll be left amazed with the smell, flavour, and taste of some of the best local dishes in town.

Community-focused Living

With a strong focus on conserving our cultural and natural heritage, we have implemented several measures to encourage sustainable tourism practices.

On our family farm, the sheep and cattle roam around freely on over 15 acres of land. Wrapped around the Cliffs of Kilkee on the famous Loop Head Peninsula, our farm offers unmatched scenic views of the region.

Proud of our grass-fed livestock, we don’t use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers on the farm.

Our sustainable family farm in the Burren Geopark aims to responsibly conserve natural assets in Clare.

While trying to minimise the impact on the local environment, we’ve played an active role in improving and protecting the local region for future generations.

As a result, we consistently implement sustainable measures that encourage tourists to behave responsibly.

Since we are an active member of the Burren EcoTourism Network, it allows us to participate in several destination conservation initiatives.

In the next few years, we are fully committed to attaining high levels of sustainable tourism practices in the region.

Focus on Heritage

With unique character and personality, our farm aims to dispense quality information to communicate local stories. Our goal is to ensure that tourism makes a major social contribution and promotes neighbouring businesses in North Clare.

In order to contribute to the local economy, we maintain and support local employment. As such, we source services and produce locally, and engage with other similar businesses in promoting sustainable tourism. Last but not least, we support local fundraisers around the year to keep the local community thriving.

The clover and salt-coloured pastures on the farm remain untouched, and have been a major contributor in maintaining the great taste of the meat we produce.

Meet Fiona and Sean

With a shared passion for artisan craft butchery and family business, Fiona and Sean Haugh have worked together since 1994. Their desire to sell a wide range of locally produced crafts and food products has been complemented with the aim to encourage sustainable tourism.

While working with Sean in the family-owned butcher shop in Miltown Malbay, his daughter Fiona has acquired comprehensive experience in retail management.

Both of them share a strong passion for managing business, and introduced the concept for a Foodhall in Ennistymon, which was opened in July 2015.

Fiona and Sean Haugh have worked together since 1994 and supply The Wild Atlantic Lodge with fresh meats.

Locally Sourced Livestock

With over 30 years of experience working with local farmers, Sean has a long history in North Clare.

Lamb and beef are sourced across West and North Country Clare.

The produce is finished right on our family farm under the strict licensing norms of EU standard abattoir, and at Knockroe on the Cliffs of Kilkee.

The stock is handpicked by Sean, who works day in and out on salt-covered pastures in the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean. Our specialty Hereford Beef is dry-aged for a minimum of 21 days.

A solid combination of dry-ageing and grass-fed diet results in tender and flavourful meat. In fact, our lamb rarely requires seasoning, considering the depth of flavour.

With everything being sourced locally to be served in The Wildflower Restaurant, we're proud of the produce we acquire, and ensure you're always fed healthy and flavourful dishes.

Enjoy your stay!